An Award-Winning Virtual Private Network Program

Net Motion / Mobility XE


Quick Overview

Award-winning mobile VPN software that maximizes your mobile field worker's productivity and creates secure, reliable connections to critical information. Anytime. Anywhere.


Mobility XE® is mobile Virtual Private Network (VPN) software that maximizes mobile field worker productivity by maintaining and securing their data connections as they move in and out of wireless coverage areas and roam between networks. Designed specifically for wireless environments, Mobility XE provides IT managers with the security and centralized control needed to effectively manage a mobile deployment.

Increased Productivity

Workers using Mobility XE are more productive because their work isn’t interrupted by lost connections or by moving from one network to another. With Mobility XE, they don’t have to continually stop what they’re doing, reconnect with their VPN and re-start their applications, allowing them to focus on their jobs - not the wireless technology.

Enhanced Security

Network security is paramount, especially when you’re dealing with sensitive information. Mobility XE uses AES encryption modules that are FIPS 140-2 validated, the United States government's standard for securing non-classified information, and supports multiple forms of single and two-factor authentication types.

Highly Certified with International Standards

Mobility XE has certification from Common Criteria, an international set of guidelines for verifying security features and capabilities of IT solutions. Mobility XE is rated at Evaluation Assurance level 4 (EAL4), which is the highest internationally recognized assurance level available for a software product under the Common Criteria Recognition Agreement.

Greater Management

With Mobility XE organizations gain more visibility into mobile device activity and can exercise more control over their networks by creating business-specific rules. For example, you can give network priority to mission-critical applications, so your systems don’t get bogged down by non-essential applications.

Simple to Deploy, Software-Only Solution

Mobility XE is an easy-to-deploy client/server software solution that helps minimize costs and complexity. It deploys in hours, not days, without the need for custom software deployment or expensive application rewrites. Mobility XE server software can be installed on a server behind the firewall or in the DMZ, and the lightweight client software is installed on each device—any combination of laptops, tablets, handhelds and smartphones.